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“This is the second time I went with Factory Mattress to recover some of my old chairs. It's hard to find someone honest, skilled and who offers such great customer service these days. I admit I am one picky guy when it comes this stuff, but Stella had been extremely patient and guided me through the entire process once again. In the end, I managed to pick the exact fabric I am happy with, and the chairs were recovered beautifully. It's a perfect job done!”
Mike N
“Due to back problems, I needed a new mattress for my hard to fit antique bed. I heard about Factory Mattress and, although I live 2 hours away, I decided to check out their products. The owners were very helpful and encouraged me to take my time trying out mattresses. No pressure. I couldn't believe how much better their product is than those offered even in the high-end stores. I was also surprised to hear that their prices are very competitive. I highly recommend Factory Mattress. They are worth the trip!”
Trio Creations Cakes
“Excellent store. Due to my back pain, I wasn't able to sleep well and was looking for a custom-made mattress at affordable price. I was introduced to Factory Mattress by a mutual friend. Within seconds after I stepped into the store, I was greeted by Stella. She is extremely knowledgeable and patient, introducing me to different mattresses and what they can do for me. Their mattresses are clearly made to last and aim for top-level comfort since every single one is 'custom made' by the owners themselves. I would recommend Factory Mattress to anyone who wants to buy a quality mattress and sleep well!”
Andy N
“I was at my wits end by the time I found Factory Mattress on Bayly St. in Pickering. I have a very small house and our three children have all left the nest so now I had to prepare a small computer room to accommodate my one beautiful blond blue-eyed granddaughter, Julia, who we adore. We had a small nook in the room, fortunately, we took measurements and Stella and Mario Rico preformed their magic. The bed, according to our eldest granddaughter, Julia, is "cozy and comfortable." Thank you, Stella and Mario!”
Aspasia and George Souhleris
“The couple who own the Business are very hardworking people and deserve any and all of the bedroom business you can give them, you can be assured they stand behind their work and products, I have and continue to do business with them! Great People, Small Business. Big Hearts!”
Douglas Corrigan
“We bought a mattress 18 years ago are still extremely happy with it Returned for a foam topper because of health problems. Mr. and Mrs. Rico were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Will recommend Factory Mattress to everyone we know.”
Arthur Harris
“I like the place always great service and friendly people.”
Carrie Finbow
“Love this place. Lots of mattresses to pick from.”
Bets Gray
“The best. I went there planning on buying their most expensive mattress and they talked me out of it! How many stores will do that? They recommended a mattress that was $200 less – and they were right. It's very comfortable – and since they built it, they made it longer for me too.”
Google User
“I got two mattresses here in the last couple of years and super happy with both of them. Moving into a new condo so will be getting a third one! Thanks, they now have inventory and fast delivery and speedy service.”
Sharky Liu
“Just bought my new Euro top mattress from Factory Mattress and all I can say is I Love it! I never thought that I could actually get a mattress that will accommodate my need for more legroom space. Mario made me a custom size and much longer mattress and boxset so that my feet would no longer hang off the end of the bed and I no longer have to sleep with my knees bent. I am able to stretch out and sleep more comfy. I am so happy to have found Factory Mattress, a family owned and operated business."
Thank you, Mario and Stella for the great mattress and prompt service. P.S If you are looking for an off-size mattress or box spring or just a good quality mattress set at reasonable price, go and see Mario and Stella and they will take care of the rest.”
Marcello R
“I enjoy dealing with family owned businesses and this is a good one. No big box deal for me, just a great deal.”
Bethann Dekoker
“Great place. Family owned and awesome people. The mattress I wanted wasn't manufactured with a pillow-top on both sides so they added one to the alternate side themselves so I could flip it. Any mattress place that scoffs at the idea that no one wants a doubled sided mattress anymore is top tier in my book. Another example of a small business being superior to big name businesses. Family owned and awesome people.”